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2023 Washington Behavioral Healthcare Conference – Slides & Handouts

Below are pdf versions of the 2023 WBHC slides & handouts that have been provided to us by speakers. If a session isn’t listed, the information was not provided to us for posting. We will update this page with additional slides & handouts as they become available to us.

Sessions on Thursday, June 15, 2023:
How Harm Reduction Saved My Life (Szalavitz slides)
T101 slides
T102 slides
T103 slides
T103 handouts
T104 slides
T105 slides
T107 slides
Mass Incarceration & Mental Illness (Morris slides)
T201 slides
T202 slides
T203 slides
T203 handout 1
T203 handout 2
T203 handout 3
T203 handout 4
T204 slides
T205 slides
T206 slides
T207 slides
T301 slides
T302 slides
T303 slides
T304 slides
T305 slides
T305 handouts
T306 slides
T306 handouts
T307 slides

Sessions on Friday, June 16, 2023:
Link to The Addy Hour, Dr. Nii Addy’s podcast
F401 slides
F402 slides
F404 slides
F404 handouts
F406 slides
F407 slides
F407 handouts
F501 slides
F502 slides
F502 handouts
F503 slides
F503 handouts
F504 slides
F504 handouts
F505 slides
F506 slides
F507 slides