The Council’s New Brand Explained

By October 23, 2015 Home Page, News

Recent advances in medical research have shown that mental illness and addiction are, in fact, brain disorders that can include genetic or biological components. Therefore, much of what we talk about in behavioral health often relates to the brain. Our consulting firm, Slalom, used the concept of brain synapses to help create the image of our new brand mark. 

  • The synapses represent connections, energy, and synchronicity—working in unison to promote effective care and recovery.
  • The synapses’ upward movement symbolizes the progression and evolution of the Washington Council, as it forges a stronger future for behavioral health.
  • The colors reinforce that feeling of energy and movement. They are bold and impactful, yet friendly and approachable.
  • The brand typeface is also approachable and strong with the use of uppercase fonts. Even though “Washington Council” is a larger font, the color and boldness of “Behavioral Health” make our new broader identity stand out.